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Information about usefulness, recommendation about sequence of reading and acknowledgement for some categories is given below.

Physical Metallurgy

The practicing engineers are often confronted with metallurgy related problems in their day to day activities. Selecting materials, welding processes and welding consumables usually requires consultation of "real" metallurgists and welding specialists. However a basic knowledge of metallurgy is essential for communication with these specialists. Thus they have a general feeling that they will be fairly better placed to handle the situations with a little more additional input of metallurgy knowledge.

What is stated above is applicable to a great extent to mechanical engineers working in the field of maintenance where they often carry out weld repairs and develop spare parts by reverse engineering.

Hence it is necessary that non-metallurgy engineers get right amount of metallurgical information to help them in performing better in their profession.

The articles contained in this category are written to fulfill above objective. They are basically notes based on the book – Introduction to Physical Metallurgy by Sidney H. Avner published by Tata McGrow-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi, India enriched with information available on internet. It is recommended that you read first 30 articles as per the sequence given in this category. List of some important websites is also given for further reading.

I am highly impressed with the selection of topics covered, their sequence and the way in which they are presented in the book. I recommend buying the book as a reference book. I have not covered everything from the book and hence reader will benefit reading it. The book is very attractively priced – Indian Rupees 315 only. It is available on-line also.


It is recommended that you read first 10 articles in the sequence given in this category.

Threaded Fasteners

It is recommended that you read first 10 articles in the sequence given in this category.

New Categories

To help users to download the material easily, since January 2017, I have started uploading the new material in pdf format under New Categories. Old material also after its revision will be uploaded in pdf format.

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