• Information about construction, design considerations, maintenance and best available technology for maintenance of coal handling plants and bulk material handling plants is uploaded under this category. The information is uploaded in the form of booklets and articles. To view / download information, please click on the desired item.

    Bulk material handling plants have become the backbone of many production/processing plants because production gets severely affected if the bulk material handling plant is not available. As a belt conveyor is a very important equipment of coal handling plants and bulk material handling plants, information about belt conveyors, chutes and systems / accessories (for example, dust suppression system, belt cleaners, etc.) related with conveyors and chutes is given in the following booklet.

    Construction and Maintenance of Belt Conveyors for Coal and Bulk Material Handling Plants

    To reduce sulfur emissions or non-availability of traditional coal, there has been a shift in recent years from use of more traditional bituminous coal to subbituminous coal, such as Powder River Basin (PRB) coal and Indonesian coal like ENVIROCOAL by PT Adaro, Indonesia. These coals tend to react with oxygen in the air and have tendency for spontaneous combustion. This has resulted in fires at facilities that previously had excellent safety records.

    In view of above, important information on spontaneous combustion of coal and care to be taken for their use in a power plant is given in the following article. The information will be useful for coal storage and coal transportation also.

    Spontaneous Combustion of Coal

    Electric vibrators (electromagnetic vibrators and unbalanced motors) are used during emptying bulk materials from silos / hoppers. In a bulk material processing plant, screening of material is carried out for various applications. Many of these application use vibrating screens. In view of this, information about construction, working and maintenance of electric vibrators and vibrating screens is given in the following booklet.

    Construction, Working and Maintenance of Vibrators and Vibrating Screens

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